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Community Is Important

"Community is important, especially as a queer individual. It's important to have safe spaces that nurture us and that allow us to feel comfortable as ourselves so we can grow into confident individuals and so we can help set a more positive future for the queer individuals who will come after us." – Emelina Minero, T.H.E. Founder, Petaluma, CA

Why I Advocate for The Human Experience

"In some places, the only identity the LGBT community is known for is the political climate portrayed on mainstream news. However, politics has never and still has yet to define a person. This publication re-introduces and sets in front of you a rich platter of food knowledge compiled from all of the voices of everyday queer life, including but not limited to: film, art, music, literature, sports and politics. We are the space that links individuals, groups and communities. The Human Experience allows you to tell your story that someone will actually listen and respond too. Creating a dialogue is the centerpiece for a community dinning table. This is why I am an advocate for The Human Experience." – Claudette Jones, T.H.E. Publicity and Events Chair, Savannah, GA

How Do You Define Being Human?

"What is The Human Experience? It is the validity in your story and the story of 7,000,000,000 other people in this world. How do you put a label on being human? You don't. You open your heart and listen. This is the foundation of our queer publication, The Human Experience." – Emelina Minero, T.H.E. Founder, Petaluma, CA