Body gratitude @ T.H.E. – thank you, hair!

On Friday I had one of the greatest haircut experiences of my life, and today I’d like take a moment to reflect and thank my hair for its enthusiastic participation. In part, what made this recent haircut so excellent was the complete absence of stress and anxiety. My newly short hair grows quickly, and in the six or so cuts I’ve had since hacking off 8 inches, it has embraced equally as many new styles and products. Each cut is a surprise, the final outcome is thrilling and sometimes delightfully ridiculous. I have never loved my hair as much as I do today. As a teenager, my long frizzy uncontrollable mane was a source of distress and constant self-consciousness. Mornings included traumatic battles with ill-fitting hair elastics, sticky gels, and straighteners. Today, I wear my short feminine cut with ease; it feels powerful and playful. It is naturally curly, medium weight, plain brown, and plain beautiful! This year, I’ve been practicing exercising a “live and let live” attitude toward my hair, and it feels great. Thank you, hair, for sticking with me on this journey. Thank you for being flexible, resilient, and patient as I’ve learned how best to love you.

T.H.E. is participating in the Love Warrior Community’s May Writing Prompt: Body Gratitude. Stay tuned for more contributions from our team members!

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