For The Love Of My Body

I am an authentic, loveable human being and I am The Human Experience. I am showing the love for my body and loving myself more than I ever have before due to shifting the way I view food. I have always used food for comfort rather than nutrition to feed my soul and provide fuel for my body. I grew up in the south and everything is fried, sweet and high carbohydrate consumption. From a very young age, I decided to have what I called a “Fat Coat” to protect me from additional sexual predators. As a child, I would routinely hear, “You would be so pretty if you lost weight.” So, I created my hidden commitment or agreement that I would stay overweight to keep the sexual advances away, and it worked. However, I am now 43 years young and do not need nor want to create a wall against others anymore. 

I decided this was the year for me to focus on loving my body. So I joined a kickboxing gym that has a motto of “motivation to transformation.” This particular gym combines kickboxing, strength training using resistance bands, nutrition and personal coaching based on your individual goals. I have worked very hard on my mind and spirit over the past 20 years, but I have definitely neglected to show the love to my body. I apologize to my body for not taking good care of her, but the madness of my past stopped the day I signed up for this amazing, energy filled class.

I love that all different body types show up, and for the same reason: showing the love to their own bodies. We all have a story to tell, like my own I shared above. What matters the most is what story you are telling yourself now. My old story was toxic–all lies–and I am creating new possibilities for myself of total healthy transformations. I am empowering myself, which I hope inspires others, but for the right, love-filled reasons.

We are all so hard on ourselves, and if we shift the negative energy into positive, we can do anything we set our minds to. I was just tired of being sick and tired! I am creating the possibility of living an extraordinary life as the best me ever! What possibilities will you create for yourself? I hope you join me in sharing the love for yourself. Anything is possible if you dream it and surround it with love and the intention to create for yourself. I’m sending my love to anyone reading this and acknowledge your power to create!

Much love and blessings,
Dina F Gilmore

T.H.E. is participating in the Love Warrior Community’s May Writing Prompt: Body Gratitude. Stay tuned for more contributions from our team members!

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