For The Love Of My Eyes

I would like to show love and gratitude for my eyes. I have always felt that eyes are the window to a person’s soul and energy fields. If we have the gift of sight, we use our eyes to tell us a visual story and basically interpret every single thing we see. I used to hate that my eyes are so squinty when I smile, but my view and respect has changed based on my own self-awareness and transformations. I am a visual person by nature, so my eyes are a true gift! I am thankful for such a loving space to share our body gratitude and love in all areas of life. Love is a true gift and it’s even more amazing when you learn how to love yourself. It has taken me almost 4 decades to get to such a healthy loving place, but there is always room to accept love. I want to thank my eyes for giving me imagination/visions to create my art, being a writer, exchanging love with a simple glance, being able to smile with my eyes, viewing nature’s beauty and so many more things that make me humbly grateful! I love my eyes! Thank you for the gift of sight!

Much love,
Dina F Gilmore

T.H.E. is participating in the Love Warrior Community’s May Writing Prompt: Body Gratitude. Stay tuned for more contributions from our team members!

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