I Am The Human Experience Campaign. It Involves You.


Emelina here, The Human Experience Founder. We, The Human Experience (T.H.E.) Team, are launching a campaign and giveaway on February 1st. The campaign is ongoing and the giveaway will last all throughout February. It’s called I Am The Human Experience, and it involves you. We want to hear your story, know who you are and share your human experience with the world.

Everybody who submits a human experience piece during February will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 6 prizes, different Joss Whedon themed DVD sets, queer female DVD sets and 2 VIP tickets to The Dinah, the largest queer female party in the world.

We’d love you to participate, we’d love your help to spread this event and our message and we’d love to read your human experience.


What is The Human Experience?

It is the validity in your story and the story of 7,000,000,000 other people in this world. How do you put a label on being human? You don’t. You open your heart and listen.

This is the foundation of the queer publication we’re creating, The Human Experience, and we want to hear your story. Join us in spreading the diversity of the human experience with the world by sharing your story. You don’t have to identify along the queer spectrum to share your story. We want to hear from everyone.

The Human Experience is about you. It’s about your story.


What do we mean by sharing your human experience? How would you write that?

Your human experience piece is about you. Show the world who you are. Outside of the labels that you or others associate with you, who are you? In a world free of judgement & labels, in a world where you are empowered to be yourself, how would others see you? In addition to your identity outside of your labels, what do your labels mean to you? How do they accurately describe you and how do they fail to describe you? Describe to us your authentic self. Tell us about your human experience.

Where is this campaign stemming from?

This campaign is one aspect of The Human Experience (T.H.E.), a queer publication that’s inclusive to everyone, queer or not. T.H.E.-Logo

Tell me more about T.H.E. and how it came to be

In 2011, I began interning with Curve and through interning and working with them I realized that there was an astonishing amount of bigotry within the LGBT community, and it blew my mind that so many queer people could be so intolerant, closed-minded and ignorant about other queer people. A lot of the cliques and subcultures were brought to my attention, and every subculture isn’t a closed clique, but within every subculture there exists community, as well as bigotry.

I found a large portion of the problem to be ignorance and lack of exposure.

With T.H.E., I want to shine the light not only on each subculture, but on the individuals within the subcultures. I want to shine the light on our human experiences, our commonalities and our differences. I want to humanize us to each other so we can start to see each other as people, instead of as black and white labels and stereotypes, so we can begin to lessen the bigotry, bridge the ignorance gap and come together as a community.

Although T.H.E. is queer focused, it’s not queer exclusive. It’s inclusive to everyone. Inclusivity is a huge part of T.H.E. Everyone is welcomed.

If you’d like your photo included in this gallery, here’s the directions on how to submit your photo.

How do you submit a human experience piece?

Here are the directions on how to submit your post, the format for writing it and links to all of the published human experience pieces.

As of now, you can write your human experience piece as a Facebook note and email us the link (info@the-humanexperience.com), write it as a blog post and email us the link or email us your human experience piece and we’ll publish it on T.H.E. blog or on The Human Experience. By Feb. 1st, we’ll have a submission form setup on T.H.E. that you can use to submit your human experience piece to us, instead of sending it to us via email.

We’re Launching T.H.E. Writing Campaign on February 1, 2014

The contest will last all throughout February, but the campaign is ongoing. Starting February 1, we’ll be inviting all of our Facebook friends to the I Am The Human Experience Facebook event page. I am going to invite all of my Facebook friends, T.H.E. Team will invite their Facebook friends, and we’ll be asking our close friends and family if we can invite all of their Facebook friends to the event. I already have my parents and three siblings on board. By inviting all of our friends, and asking our friends to invite theirs, we hope to reach a large number and wide range of people to the Facebook event, exposing and extending the reach of our campaign to get people to share their human experience and show the world the diversity of the human experience.

Diversity is beautiful

Our goal is to invite 2,000 people to the I Am The Human Experience Facebook event page by the end of February.


How you can help with the Facebook event page

Here is a link to the I Am The Human Experience Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/1446619692234754/). Click on the link. Click the button that says you’ll be attending the event. Click on the “Invite Friends” button, check all of your friends, then click “Send.”

The Writing Campaign is also a giveaway

By participating in the I Am The Human Experience writing campaign, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 6 prizes.

Angel DVD Set (seasons 1-5)

Angel DVD Set

Buffy DVD Set (seasons 3-7)

Buffy DVD Set

L Word DVD Set (seasons 2 & 3 of The L Word & season 2 of The Real L Word)

L Word DVD Set

Firefly/Serenity DVD Set (season 1 of Firefly, which is the complete series, and the film based off of the show)


Lesbian DVD Film Set (But I’m a Cheerleader, Bloomington, Loving Annabelle, My Normal, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, The Four-Faced Liar & And Then Came Lola)

Lesbian DVD Film Set

2 VIP tickets to Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, the largest queer female party in the world held in Palm Springs, CA (April 2-6) – $500 value

The Dinah VIP Passes

The film set packages (notice the Joss Whedon theme?) are used. They are from my personal collection. 🙂

To read more about The Dinah, check out this article I wrote for Curve magazine about The Dinah 2013. Also check out this short article I wrote about The Dinah 2013 highlighting a hilarious promo video.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is submit your human experience piece during the month of February. We’ll announce the winners on March 12th.

How you can help share this event, I Am The Human Experience, and spread the word about T.H.E.

1. As mentioned above, invite your friends to the FB event page, and ask your friends to invite theirs. I ask my family for their FB login and invite their friends for them.

2. Share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, re-post it on your blog, share it all over social media and let others know about it and how they can help spread it.

3. Submit your own human experience piece.

4. Read the human experience pieces already submitted, and share them on your social media profiles.

Spread T.H.E. Love

5. Write about the I Am The Human Experience campaign on your blog, pitch it to your editor to write about it for the publication you write for, talk about it in your podcast, include it in your newsletter. We hope to have the I Am The Human Experience campaign written in Autostraddle, AfterEllen, SheWiredOut, The Advocate, Diva, Lesbilicious and Go. If you write for one of these publications and you’d like to write about this campaign, you can email me at emelinaminero@gmail.com for any info you need. If your publication is not listed here, we definitely want you to write about the I Am The Human Experience campaign as well. Shoot me an email for anything you need!

We’re already featured in Curve Magazine, twice, LOTL Magazine, Lesbian.com and ImpowerYou, twice.

6. Follow T.H.E. on Twitter: @humanexperince (https://twitter.com/HumanExperince)

7. Post a #FF #FollowFriday @humanexperince tweet on Friday and include a link to the event

8. Like us on Facebook. The Human Experience: Redefining Queer Culture

9. Follow us on Tumblr. Here we are!

10. Follow us on Pinterest. Here we are on Pinterest!

11. Subscribe to T.H.E. YouTube Channel!

12. Join T.H.E. Street Team. You’ll receive a weekly email with a simple action you can take to help spread T.H.E. love. Maybe the action will be to share one of T.H.E. articles or blog posts. The action may be to like and/or comment on a Facebook post.

13. Join T.H.E. Newsletter. Click on this link, and fill in your email on the right side bar. You’ll get bi-monthly emails with behind-the-scene updates about T.H.E., articles we’ve published, event listings and we’ll host giveaways.

14. Read, comment on and share the content on our publication, The Human Experience. We’re still in the pre-launch phase. The content isn’t yet flowing. http://the-humanexperience.com/

If you’d like to help us in anyway, let us know!


Emelina Minero, T.H.E. Founder

Emelina Minero

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