Meet T.H.E. Team: Francesca “Franzi” Lewis

Franzi Lewis T.H.E. Photo Campaign

What about T.H.E. resonates with you? Why were you moved to join T.H.E. team?

My first reason for wanting to join T.H.E team is that I have gotten to know Emelina, the founder of the project, while working under her for Curve, and I’m excited to be a aboard any ship of which she is captain. Another reason is that I’m excited to work with many of the other peeps I worked with at Curve. T.H.E resonates with me because it is about the individual – our inherent uniqueness and recognizing the importance of every story.

What impassions you?

Womanhood, difference, identity, fairness/kindness, emotion, stories, acceptance, self-expression, non-judgement, intensity/passion.

What projects are you working on outside of T.H.E.?

I’m a Social Media Intern for Curve Magazine. My bands are a big part of my life too, though they’re both very different. The Quims is an all female vocal group. Period Drama is a queer riot grrrl/grrrl punk band fronted by me. I also occasionally model – for art classes and sometimes for print.

Franzi Lewis and The Quims

The Quims

What are the top three things that instantly bring a smile to your face?

1. My mum 2. The theme tunes of my favorite shows 3. My rats yawning (or them in general…or animals in general)

What’s one of your favorite aspects about the queer community?

The acceptance of misfits. For me, queer doesn’t just mean non-heteronormative, it mean non-normative altogether. As a person who hasn’t ever passed for normal/average/ordinary, I am so grateful to the queer community for accepting me and others who don’t feel they fit into mainstream society.

What’s one thing you’d like to change within the queer community?

T.H.E is already working on it! I would like the queer community to contain more diverse voices. When you go out into the streets, out in the world, being queer means all sorts of things and co-exists with a lot of different viewpoints. But online and in the queer media in general, there’s a certain set of behaviors that seem to be important – and I’m not talking sex! I think something like T.H.E can help queer people see that if their typical Sunday doesn’t include cycling down to a vegan brunch and embroidering ironic messages onto throw pillows – or even just emblazoning everything in their path with rainbows, that’s totally fine. There are many different ways to be queer. The worst thing would be if the queer community actually made people feel excluded.

Franzi Lewis 2

What passions and strengths are you most excited to bring to T.H.E. and what aspects of T.H.E. are you most excited to get involved with?

I’m definitely most excited about the writing campaign. I can’t wait to do some writing of my own, as that’s my “thing,” but I’m also fascinated by what other people might share. I’m really interested in the individual and unique quality of each person and I think this project is all about nurturing that. I’m naturally drawn to stories – whether true or fictional – and I hope we will get to bring some raw, passionate human experiences to light!

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