Meet T.H.E. Team: Roxanne Smith

Rox 1

What about T.H.E. resonates with you? Why were you moved to join T.H.E. team?
I love stories, especially other people’s stories. Mainstream media presents a very tiny sliver of the kinds of people and stories that make up our world, which I think can make a lot of us feel like we don’t fit in or aren’t doing life right. I love that T.H.E. will give people a platform to tell their stories, opening up ideas of how many ways there are to be queer and human.

What impassions you?
Social justice and all aspects of intersectional feminism, kindness, love and beauty in all their many forms, and for some reason I can’t fully define, movies and music.

What projects are you working on outside of T.H.E.?
I’m working on two different movie projects at the moment. My main focus is on a new animated short film, a story about a girl’s adventures through her own consciousness. The narrative perspective is going to shift between her direct experiences, planets in outer space and the microscopic organisms living in her eyelashes (demodex mites are what they’re called), presenting all as interconnected. The story is completely about the human experience, which is funny since I started writing it long before becoming involved with T.H.E. The second thing is a longer-term animation project that I started about a year ago. This one is an experimental meditation on loss, using water as symbolic of memory. I just add to it as I think of things to add, so I have no definite idea where it’s going. I also have a guitar that I’m trying to learn how to play by looking at it intensely for several moments before bed, which is slow going if you can believe it.

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What are the top three things that instantly bring a smile to your face?
Any and all feline creatures, the smell of lavender and the ocean.

What’s one of your favorite aspects about the queer community?
I love how accepting the queer community is of all our many many identities and expressions.

What’s one thing you’d like to change within the queer community?
I think we should be giving the same amount of attention (or more) we give to marriage equality to trans* rights, homelessness, mental health issues and broader health care concerns for our entire LGBTQI community. To sum that up into one thing, I think as a community we should be pushing harder for positive change in bigger picture structural issues.

Rox 3

What passions and strengths are you most excited to bring to T.H.E. and what aspects of T.H.E. are you most excited to get involved with?
I’m excited to bring my eye for detail and work ethic to the team, and to get involved with behind the scenes workings of T.H.E.

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