T.H.E. Is Coming

Good Morning kind stranger, 🙂

My name is Emelina. It’s nice to meet you. A couple of years ago I thought, “Oh hey, wouldn’t it be cool to create the first LGBT national newspaper?” It wasn’t just an idol thought, it was my dream job – to be the Editor-in-Chief of a national LGBTQ publication.

A little over two years have passed since that thought and my idea has expanded into a global queer publication with fine-tuned focuses on opening dialogue within our community through discussion-based opinion pieces from readers, offline community building through in-person meetups, global news coverage, especially of the communities within the queer spectrum that are marginalized and a heightened focus on entertainment and advocacy – because it is the creative and impassioned people that shape our culture. Two years have passed, and this idea is coming into fruition, which is pretty darn exciting.

This publication is called The Human Experience (T.H.E.) because often times we are dehumanized or glamorized in media. Whether we are covering events, news, interviewing someone or publishing essays about queer identity and the issues facing us – it will all tie back to our core human experiences. Our content will be genuine and honest, it will capture the unique diversity within each of us and it will portray us as human beings who have fuller identities outside of our queer identities.

This isn’t just my baby, The Human Experience has four moms: Sarah Stout, Lauren Leiggi, Claudette Jones and myself. This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the passion, heart and energy of each of us.

As The Human Experience expands, it will have many parents from around the globe because this publication will be largely shaped by those who interact with it. T.H.E. is a platform for all of our voices. If you use your voice, it will be heard, and together we will create a positive shift in our culture.

I want to live in a more vibrant and positive queer culture. I want to live in a world where our value isn’t put on our bodies or a fraction of our identity, but instead on our actions and our character. I want to live in a world of global citizens. I want The Human Experience to change our culture, and it will. We are the culture. Our actions and thoughts define it, so we can change it. Through The Human Experience we are redefining queer culture, and you play an integral part it in.

T.H.E. Team had our third meeting last night. We have weekly Skype meetings. In our second meeting we started with a drinking game, which I gleeked out about. As we expand, I imagine us reenacting something similar to the scene in The Social Network where three coders are taking shots, while simultaneously trying to do something incredibly difficult on the computer to see who earns the envious spot as a Facebook intern. (And for anyone within the Macon fold, I envision something similar to black robes in our future for welcoming in new members to our family.) I see us having fun, not only with building a publication, but with building a family.

From our meeting yesterday, we decided on our website and blog domain names, which was awesome – because now we have a website and a blog! And you’re reading our first blog post! Woo Hoo! (Wanna check out our website? You know you do. 😉 We also now have an official email, so – if you have any questions and want to get in touch with us, email us at info@the-humanexperience.com.

We are also building a Social Media Street Team for T.H.E., in which we will send out weekly emails about small actions you can take, like RTing a tweet or liking and sharing a FB post. If you want to join T.H.E. Social Media Street Team to help us spread T.H.E. love  sign up right here. 🙂

Some other things to check out: Our Facebook Page and our Twitter profile, our Team bios, our main website, our Mission, our Contact page and our blog posts.

What is this blog about? It’s the behind-the-scene access of what we’re doing! You’ll read blog posts from the entire T.H.E. Team, you’ll read about our process in developing The Human Experience, our goals for our Kickstarter Campaign, and the cool things we do. For example, this December, the four of us are volunteering at the OutMusic Awards in Las Vegas, which are hosted by the LGBT Academy of Recording Arts, and this January 23-27, our Publicity and Events Chair, Claudette Jones, will be speaking at the 25th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change in Atlanta, GA. How cool is that! Continue to read our blog to see what’s going on, to find out about interesting tid bits and to see how we can help you get involved in the larger queer community.

Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

Emelina Minero, T.H.E. Founder


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