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Julianna Joyce, Contributing Writer, Tumblr Manager
Julianna Joyce

Julianna is a glorified jelly donut and reptilian shapeshifter originally from Puerto Rico. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications with a minor in film studies from Randolph College. Now a resident of Chicago, Julianna is involved in the Social Media aspect of several projects, including the Randolph College Heritage Ensemble, Hiawatha Johnson, Jr’s “Flavor Series”. Deeply invested in the visual media perceptions of marginalized peoples, she has published articles on the construct of Femininity and mainstream cinema, and presented research on homosexuality in Middle-Eastern Cinema, the reestablishing of First Nations’ culture through children’s television and film, and the “Other” in Disney animated films. Julianna is passionate about the creation of platforms for marginalized voices, equal rights, and your right to party.

Francesca “Franzi” Lewis, Contributing Writer 
Franzi Lewis
Francesca “Franzi” Lewis is a queer feminist and freelance writer from Yorkshire, England. She has a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing and has written for various blogs, as well as for her local online news outlet, The Yorkshire Times. She also sings in two bands: The Quims and Period Drama. Her life-long passions include feminism, popular culture, body positivity, navel-gazing and knee socks. She is a member of the Social Media Team at Curve Magazine and her favorite thing about working on U.S-based projects is finally having an arena in which she no longer has to dial back her use of Americanisms!

Lauren Maier, Contributing Writer, Social Media Contributor
Lauren Maier- photo cred-Martyn Compton
Lauren Maier is an academic super-heroine in training. When she’s not working on her PhD thesis on the Disney Princess franchise as a cultural narrative in America, she is patrolling bookstores for lonely graphic novels in need of a good home and striving to better understand feminism in all its iterations. She loves animated films a bit too much and webcomics even more. It’s possible she was a wombat in her past life. [Photo Credit: Martyn Compton]
Read her piece on Geeked, “FAN-GIRLING ON ERIKA MOEN.”





Amanda Guilford, Contributing Writer
Amanda currently lives in central Maine, where she enjoys her very own third story apartment with her cat, Scarlett O’Hara. Currently she’s embarking on a new adventure training in a call center for customer care, and in her off time she chooses to tackle National Novel Writing Month for the second time. She likes to read when she isn’t writing, and beyond that her interests lie in Star Trek, old television series like “Beauty and the Beast” and loving Linda Hamilton despite the hideous 80’s shoulder pads.
Some day, Amanda would like to be published somewhere, whether it be a magazine or her very first novel. But for now she loves the color purple, and Gwyneth Paltrow, and lives her own human experience one day at a time.

Sarita Ramirez, Videographer and Video Editor
Sarita Ramirez
Sarita M. Ramirez is Co-Founder and Host of Movies á La Queer, an online film review podcast that combines individuals’ opinions with Queer, Indie and Major Motion pictures today. Sarita is also a freelance Audio Producer, working closely with Kean University’s 90.3FM station and the critically acclaimed online My Lesbian Radio as their Assistant to the Executive Producer. Driven by her love of constant exploration, Sarita thrives from meeting people of different cultures and experiences. People and their stories are what inspire Sarita to find every nook and crack into our lives and their meanings in our communities. You can email Sarita at Sarita@Saritaramirez.com or visit her on twitter @SaritaMRamirez.
Jennifer Galm, Contributing Writer
Jennifer Galm
Jennifer Galm is a college senior studying fine art and gender/women’s studies in NW Iowa. She divides a lot of her time between the sculpture, painting, and ceramics studios. Considering that she is a non-traditional, commuter student, she has been very active in campus activities including: writing for the online newspaper, being a member of the Society for Collegiate Journalists, being Co-Head Advocate for the campus LGBT group, the social media curator for the art department, and an academic assistant for the art department. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with family, going on adventures, listening to vinyl records, playing guitar, interning with Curve magazine and doing good whenever the need arises, a lot like Batman.
Dina F. Gilmore
Dina F. Gilmore
Dina F. Gilmore is a freelance writer, currently working on a lesbian dramedy, an artist, shamanic practitioner, licensed massage therapist, reiki master teacher, psychic medium, tarot reader and a former internet radio show host for The Healing Journey. Gilmore lives to inspire the masses through her passions, has a sweet southern charm that shows through her Texas accent and loves teaching others how to create a positive balance for mind, body and spirit connections. Gilmore teaches the importance of coming together: always strive for personal improvement by removing limits we set on ourselves and building community.
Roxanne Smith, Logo Designer
Rox 1
Roxanne Smith is a queer filmmaker, designer and all around creative individual form the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013 with a bachelor of fine arts degree and moved to Los Angeles to seek her fame and fortune, and nicer weather. In school she explored many different artistic disciplines as the program was self-guided, but considers stop motion animation her main focus. When she’s not working on a short film or doing freelance design work she enjoys crafting, baking, gardening, live music and spending quality time with her cats.
Kristen Hawley
Kristen Hawely
Kristen Hawley is a future educator, freelance writer and graduate student. She loves music, feel-good movies and spending time with family and loved ones. She has worked in special events, radio and non-profit. When she is not cooking or baking (a self-proclaimed lesbian fusion of Suzy Homemaker and Betty Crocker), she enjoys writing short stories, poetry and posting to her personal blog. She is an alumnae of an all-female college where she learned to love and celebrate her femininity and personal strength. She is currently fighting breast cancer with the love and support of family and loved ones.
Ashley Boyle
Ashley Boyle is a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger, Hello Kitty lover, Theater Buff and Equal rights activist. She loves to talk and will speak to anyone willing to listen. She enjoys spreading equality and love to all. When she is not Fan-girling older British Actresses, she is watching Netflix and eating Japanese Food.

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