The Friendship Effect

Friendships are a part of our human experience. They are an important part. It’s vital to have a support system and people that we can trust, feel safe around and feel comfortable being ourselves around. Having that kind of human connection is important for everyone.

With the increase in LGBTQ-related suicides and bullying in the media, it’s important that we reach out to each other and offer each other support. Community is important for every human being, and friendships help us to truly begin to see others for who they are, as opposed to how we inaccurately perceive them.

Renee Ho is one of my role models, as well as my oldest sister, and she recently published her book, The Friendship Effect.

This week, during National Friendship Week, she launched her Friendship Effect Contest. The Friendship Effect’s contest purpose is to spread the word about the power of friendships in order to help better lives and the world via the book, The Friendship Effect.

We’re Partnering with The Friendship Effect. You Can Get the Book for Free.

We have partnered with Renee and throughout the duration of her contest, through September 5th, she will give a free copy of her ebook, The Friendship Effect, to those who join T.H.E. Social Media Street Team email list, which involves receiving a weekly email about a small action you can take via social media.

About the Author

One of Renee’s biggest passions is her friendships and making people feel valued through her friendships. She has always been an incredibly hard worker who has earned everything she has made for herself. She was a special education teacher for about 6 years, teaching in Hawaii, Georgia and California. Renee begun an organization called Amistad, which means friendship in Spanish. Amistad’s objective is to help Latina women in her community to live a life full of passion and happiness through friendships. Renee believes and teaches that friendship with oneself and others is a powerful tool which can help be a part of bettering our world.

T.H.E. Team will be participating in her contest.

The Contest & What You Can Win

Everyone can win 2 free ebooks of The Friendship Effect to gift to a friend, as well as Friendship Effect inspirational quotes by earning 30 points. You can get 5 to 10 points by committing simple acts, like sharing links relating to her book and contest on Facebook and Twitter or committing a positive act towards a friend or stranger and writing about it as a comment on her site.

The Grand Prize

The person who earns the most points by September 5th wins the grand prize, which is:

• $25 gift card to
• 5 free copies of The Friendship Effect to gift to others
• A 30 minute Skype, phone, or email consult with Renee Ho where you can ask any general friendship questions you have. Questions can also be more specific in regards to a certain friendship situation you need help and or advice on. You can also gift this consult to a friend you think may benefit from it.
• The winner will be featured on my blog, with a picture and write up. (
• The winner will also be featured in my monthly newsletter with a picture and write up.
• Friendship Effect inspirational quotes.
• Free copy of Chapter 28 (Instrument or Ornament How do you treat your body?) from the upcoming book, Self-Love: The Only Diet That Works, by Michelle Minero.
• Free copy of “Beginning Guide to Influencing the Internet” by Emelina Minero via Community Bucket List.
• Free copy of “A Guide to Gay” by Emelina Minero via The Human Experience.
• Free Hypnosis prosperity download from Yvonne Oswald, author of “Every Word Has Power.”
• 2 free 1-year subscriptions to a fun personal growth application ( analytics) from Katie Benedetto-Owner/Web Developer of Yellow Rubber Ball.
• 2 signed copies of the book, “Gifts By The Side Of The Road” by author and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Schlatter.

Participate in the Contest & Spread the Word about the Power of Friendships

To participate in her contest, check out her Friendship Effect Facebook contest page.

To read more about Renee, check out her recent interview in, her website, Twitter and Facebook Group.

Have a Great day! 🙂

– Emelina Minero, T.H.E. Founder

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