Trans Women Included: Feminism and Trans Intersections

This is Reblogged from T.H.E. Founder’s blog, Emelina Minero Writes: Queer Musings & Creative Fancies. One aspect of The Human Experience will be discussion-based opinion pieces submitted from our community of readers.

Emelina asked Allison Moon, author and sex educator, to write a guest essay in tune to the kind of discussion pieces that will be published on The Human Experience.

Allison Moon

Since The Human Experience isn’t live, and since this blog wasn’t live, she published it on her personal blog, Emelina Minero Writes. Here’s an excerpt from “Trans Women Included: Feminism and Trans Intersections”:

We all have to learn how to be women in the world. Possession of a fully-functional uterus does not guarantee the presence of any positive qualities of femininity. We all must learn empathy, cooperation, kindness and love. Women, it might be argued, learn these things from birth because we’re treated as though they are endemic to our gender, but also because of the solidarity that arises as a side effect of oppression.

Being born with a uterus is only a guarantee of one thing: having a uterus. Not everyone with a uterus ovulates, menstruates, gives birth, has sex, gets raped or develops cervical cancer. But the radfem claim that uteruses matter SO MUCH to the construction of womanhood that I have more in common with a heterosexual Sudanese mother of six than I have in common with Julia Serano, is just dumb.

Oppression doesn’t start and end at the uterus. The experience of womanhood in our world is informed by race, class, gender expression, nationality, religion, age and any number of other ways society constructs worth.

Using the uterus to define some sort of universal experience is just a convenient way of ignoring all these less cut and dry ways in which oppression acts on women … Click here to continue reading this post.

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