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We want writers. We want you. Yes, you, with that gorgeous smile. 😉

Why write for us? 

Because who we are and what we represent resonates with you: T.H.E. Core TeamT.H.E. founder and T.H.E. Mission.

The Perks of Joining T.H.E. Team

  • Virtual office, you write from your laptop.
  • Although we’re virtual, we still have fun. T.H.E. fosters a great working environment that’s relaxed, fun, exciting and that supports you, your individuality and your passions. T.H.E. is about community, and we want you to be part of T.H.E. community.
  • Your own bio page as a T.H.E. Contributing Writer.
  • Your byline and having your work published.
  • Our Appreciation – which can manifest outside of us sending you awesome energy into tangible signs of our affection (T.H.E. team member Lauren Leiggi attended dot429’s Straight Talk Conference on October 13th, for free, and another T.H.E. supporter got tickets to the whole weekend event, for free. T.H.E. founding members, Sarah Stout, Lauren Leiggi, Emelina Minero and Claudette Jones, along with active T.H.E. supporters, will be volunteering at the OutMusic Awards this December 13 – 16th. Volunteering includes 4 free nights at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, a free ticket to the OutMusic Awards, free regular and VIP tickets to brunches, after parties, panel discussions, clubs and a concert. Sometimes our appreciation manifests into fun events like these.)
  • Networking and building strong connections within the LGBTQA community.
  • Free books, films, etc. for writing reviews.
  • Great conversations with active, passionate and creative members of the LGBTQA community when you interview them.

To Apply

  • Email Emelina Minero at emelinaminero@gmail.com with T.H.E. Writer in the subject heading.
  • Include two to three samples of your writing, blog or article writing, no fiction submissions.
  • Include links to your blogs, websites and social media profiles.
  • Include your resume.
  • Include a cover letter. Instead of attaching a cover letter as a separate document, write it in the body of the email.
  • For your own pleasure and knowledge: Read about T.H.E. Team & our Mission.

A Taste of the kind of Content T.H.E. Will Publish

Below you’ll find a list of the articles we want for the launch of our publication. This list will expand and change over time. You can also pitch story ideas that you want to write and that fit within our mission.

  • Q&A with Ingrid Jungermann (co-creator of lesbian web series The Slope) on her new queer web series F to 7th.
  • Q&A with Elliot London, the creator and director of the documentary Friend Film
  • Q&A with author and sex educator Allison Moon on her second book in the Tales of the Pack series, Hungry Ghost.
  • Q&A with Josefine Tengblad, producer and actress of Swedish film, Kyss Mig.
  • Film review of Josefine Tengblad’s film, Kyss Mig.
  • Q&A with Derek Gerson, Executive Director of Equalize Youth, a support network for LGBT youth.
  • Q&A with musician Amy Andrews on her Feminist Bookstore Tour.
  • Book review of Hungry Ghost by Allison Moon.
  • Q&A with Allison Moon on the how-to’s of self-publishing.
  • Q&A with Desiree Akhavan (co-creator of lesbian web series The Slope) on the how-to’s of making a web series.
  • Article or Q&A with Ryan James Yezak, producer, writer and editor of the documentary-in-the-making The 2nd Class Citizen.
  • Q&A with Janet Mock, writer and trans advocate, on her upcoming book Fish Food.
  • Book review of Fish Food by Janet Mock.
  • Q&A with Desiree Akhavan on her film Disposable Lovers.
  • Q&A with Anthony DiFiore, author and founder of inGroup Press (a LGBT publishing company), on his upcoming book, the sequel to Fangs & Stilettos.
  • Q&A with Anthony DiFiore on the how to’s of writing a novel.
  • Q&A with musician Ember Swift. http://www.emberswift.com/
  • Q&A with Lauren, creator of the documentary Gender Blender, on the documentary and gender diversity.
  • Q&A with a filmmaker behind the documentary The Lesbian Code.
  • Q&A with David Duran on how to create a successful career as a freelance writer and how to break into writing for LGBTQ publications.
  • Article highlighting Dot429.
  • Articling highlighting The OUT Music Awards/The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts.
  • Q&A with Jennifer Finney Boylan, author, professor, LGBT activist and trans advocate, on the 10th anniversary of her book, She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders (new preface and two afterwards) and her upcoming book, Stuck in the Middle with You: Parenthood in Three Genders.
  • Book review of Stuck in the Middle with You: Parenthood in Three Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan.
  • Book review of Jennifer Finney Boylan’s revised edition of She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders.
  • Q&A with Tucky Williams, creator, executive producer, writer and lead actress in the lesbian web series Girl/Girl Scene.
  • Q&A with Andi Lea, co-creator of a LGBTQ friendly YA sci-fi fantasy series, The Raven’s Crossing.
  • Book review of The Raven’s Crossing, Book One: The 13.
  • Q&A with actress Sheetal Sheth.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Emelina Minero, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Human Experience (T.H.E.)

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